Benefits of Vegetarian Food


The reputed figures like Nietzsche, Plato have supported vegetarian food. Gandhi and Benjamin Franklin are the top political leaders who chose vegetarian food. Paul McCartney is a pop icon who supported vegetarianism. Bob Marley has picked up vegetarian diet. The scientific world supports vegetarianism. There are a lot of benefits for our health from various scientific studies. You can come to pure vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata.

With the help of vegetarian diet, we can control various diseases and they are as follows:

  1. Cancer prevention
  2. Heart disease control
  3. Reducing blood pressure.
  4. Controlling diabetes


  1. Cancer prevention

The saturated fat is quite low in vegetarian diet. But the fiber is quite high. The phytochemicals for the protection of cancer are present. The chances of developing cancer is 40% less compared to those who are having vegetarian diet. Our best vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata offer delicious foods.

  1. Heart disease control

The heart disease is prevented using a vegetarian diet. The saturated fat is obtained from animal products and cholesterol is obtained from them. The cholesterol level can be controlled with fiber. There is a significant drop in the level of cholesterol in a low fiber diet. Atherosclerosis, the condition where the arteries become hard, can be reversed using a vegetarian diet. You can discover healthy foods in restaurants in Newtown, Kolkata.

  1. Reducing blood pressure

The blood pressure is found to be low among the vegetarians. The reduction in blood pressure takes place in spite of sodium. If we can reduce our dairy product and meat intake, the blood pressure is reduced. We are among the best pure vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata.

  1. Controlling diabetes

We can control our diet and it will prevent adult onset diabetes or non-insulin-dependent diabetes. The low-fat in a vegetarian diet is quite helpful for the body. We need to do exercise regularly. The insulin can function effectively in our body.


From the studies, we have observed that the families adopting vegetarian diet lead a healthy life. The young children adopting vegetarianism have good rate of growth. The puberty is reached at a later age. They live significantly longer compared to the meat-eaters. It is highly recommended to come to best vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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