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Top 10 Newly Opened Restaurants in Kolkata 2018

Kolkata is known for a new type of culture comprising delicious foods. It consist of sweet dishes and snacks. There are numerous delicacies and they are quite impressive. You might be interested to taste the food in newly opened restaurants in Kolkata. The new [...]


Top Five Vegetarian Restaurants in Kolkata 2018

When the seafood and meat is not consumed by people, this practice is identified as Vegetarianism. We encounter the top 5 vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata. The avoidance of meat is due to their belief in religion, health or due to the animal rights. We [...]


Benefits of Vegetarian Food

The reputed figures like Nietzsche, Plato have supported vegetarian food. Gandhi and Benjamin Franklin are the top political leaders who chose vegetarian food. Paul McCartney is a pop icon who supported vegetarianism. Bob Marley has picked up vegetarian diet. The scientific world supports vegetarianism. [...]

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