Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Terms and Conditions for using this website. This site offers information on properties management, authorization, owned, licensed or established by associates of The Food Yard Corporation. These terms are used for convenience only and these are not projected as the exact description of any particular entity. Please read the Terms & Conditions before downloading any data, information, materials through this website. Through accessing the website, you agree to accept the Terms & Conditions without limitation or qualification. We secure our rights to change, update or correct anyone from the Terms & Conditions list or any data that enclosed in the site at any time. When you use the site continuously, it must be confirmed that you are accepting and agreeing to the reviewed Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree to These Terms & Conditions, please leave the site instantly.

Use of Cookies

The sites used different types of cookies for operating several functionalities on the site. Basically, a cookie is a small text file that consists small amount of data which are downloaded to the computer or mobile device during visiting a website. After that, these cookies go back to the originated web site. When you visit this website again or another site, the cookie is automatically recognized.

Location Based Services

This site provides you directions to reach The Food Yard from your current location, sends you special offers or offering you suggestions of new food cuisine.


The services of this site are not planned for and must not be minors. Please follow the additional Terms & conditions which are applied to table booking, purchases, transactions, uses or activities that may occur through this site. You agree to obey these Terms & Conditions and any additional terms & condition that is applicable.

Accounts & Passwords

You are involved with the security purpose of your Login Id, password, and account information. At that time you are financially accountable to use this website by you or anyone else using your website.


The Food Yard provides the Sites especially to permit you to check the availability of food cousins. You may only use the site to make authentic reservations of tables or order foods online. Booking made in the destruction of these Terms & Conditions may be canceled without notice in The Food Yard’s sole discretion. The Food Yard further reserves the right to cancel booking or order without notice that is shifted in the destruction of these Terms & Conditions.

The Food Yard’s Right to cancel / Errors / Mistakes

The Food Yard accepts no responsibility or obligation for such errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. The Food Yard shall have the right to make modifications, corrections, eliminations, and progresses to such information at any time, including after confirmation of order or booking.

Promotional Information

The Site provides information concerning specific offers as promotions. Each promotional offer has particular terms, circumstances, and limits. Please read these all very carefully for each offer. The Food Yard has the right to change or remove any promotional offer at any time without notice. Each promotional offer is invalid due to prohibiting by law.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Any activity such as searches, questions, comments, suggestions, requests and similar queries submitted by you to The Food Yard are not private communications, and The Food Yard shall be free to use, copy, distribute, allocate, and reveal such communications. The Food Yard has not any responsibility to defend such communications from revelation. The Food Yard may use these communications without limitation and without any obligations to you.

Lost Transactions

The Food Yard is not blamable for communication failures, errors, difficulties, or other faults or lost, stolen, or misused transactions, communications, messages, or accesses problem in connection with the Site. The Food Yard is not responsible for any improper information related to any transaction to the Site where this kind of incident is the outcome of user error, system error, or human error.


The Site must be accessible through the Internet. Though, the Site may not be constantly obtainable due to maintenance or computer or mobile device problems, disruption in Internet service or other unexpected conditions. The content of the Site such as advertising content is planned for use and display only where its use and such display are allowable in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

General Legal Terms

1.The prices of the food items depending on the MRP unless another amount has been listed.

2. The agreement of the participating restaurant will be applied at the time of food order and delivery. The pricing and payments will depend on the restaurant’s policy.

3. In case of online payment, you are required to pay the whole amount of the order.

4. The transaction of food items includes the customer and the partner restaurant. The Food Yard holds no obligation related to the taxes related to such transactions.

5. The customers will receive the final receipt of payment at the time of order delivery.

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